Qingdao Market - Authentic Goods (Limited Edition Boxset)

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Qingdao Market - Authentic Goods (Limited Edition Boxset)

Qingdao Market is bringing the classics back! In this collection, we are featuring the first six releases from Qingdao Market, all with new LED printing on each cassette and new inside J-card artwork!

This set will be housed in a manila rigid board box embossed with the Qingdao Market logo and other accoutrements!

This set includes:
Mackintosh Plus - Flower Store
Charles Persona - Echojam
Men's Haircut - Marble Stone Dream
281-4 - New Birthday
Sane Cola - Hot Vibes
Dead Moving Blanket. wmv - I'll Try Living In Like This

This boxset is a pre-order. This pre-order will run beginning 3/18/21 and ending on 3/25/21. Once the pre-order period has ended, the boxes will enter production and require at least 20 working days for production turnaround. Once production is completed, please allow time for them to be shipped to our distribution center so that we may ship them to you.

(This second edition will be identical to the first edition.)

For any additional questions, please contact us at qingdaomarket@gmail.com