CATBOX (Limited Edition Boxset) *OPEN PRE-ORDER*

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CATBOX (Limited Edition Boxset) *OPEN PRE-ORDER*

With the gracious support of the man himself, Qingdao Market is happy to introduce the "CATBOX, " a six cassette boxset featuring some of 猫 シ Corp.'s most mysterious and under the radar works!

Albums included:
- Instructional Class of 94 (Class of '84)
- Cyan Vision (Blue Dream)
- LADA (Isuzu Piazza)
- Salutations China (Good Morning America)
- Workers. Party. Unite. (家族. 劳动. 쇼핑.)
- Luxurious Women (Luxury Girls)

This boxset is on a open pre-order starting on 10/29/21 and ending on 12/29/21.
Once the pre-order period has ended, the order for the boxsets will be submitted and can take up to 8-12 weeks for production to complete. After production is completed, the boxsets will be shipped to our distribution center to be sent to you.

Please allow ample time for your order to arrive, and for any order questions, please email us at: